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History of Cane 15

La Canne Art Déco

At the beginning of this century, Europe is at peace again, and wants to forget the war. The “wild years “of a Society, which is again prosperous, will be marked by Cubism a new geometric style, refined and rigorous. The 1925 Great Expo will set the tone.

Anything goes, pleasures are many and available, behaviours change, women are emancipated and look boyish. They liberate themselves with dresses, made by Poiret and dream of emulating men, in both work and leisure. Thin, sporty-looking, with skirts and short hair, women carry a cane, they smoke and drive cars.

The last burst of creativity for the cane is considerable. The refinement of material used is remarkable.

The apparent modesty of these canes is only a facade. The shapes are clean and simple, but this new fashion is in search of discrete luxury, though using noble and even rare materials.

Jazz and Charleston imported from the US, are the rage of the moment, Josephine Baker and her Black Musical Show, brings an exoticism which permeates usual objects, décors and style.

Then, this luxury item of the “good taste” became out of fashion, the man does not walk any more he runs and jump into his car.